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Why should I donate?

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There are so many great charities and organizations you can donate your hard-earned money to. So why, The Cozy Catfe? We are a new small business trying to do our part saving kitties from the cages and unthinkable faith in shelters. We have been open since Dec 2021 and we have had the privilege of finding homes for 59 kitties as of Aug 7th 2022! We are merely existing at this time to take care of the kitties, Soley relying on the help of our owners and volunteers. We are a for-profit meaning; we do not get any government assistance. The money we have made has been put back into the Catfe... keeping the kitties healthy, happy and in a clean and safe environment. So in saying this, your donation would assist with new adoptions, food, litter, treats and toys. Donations in person are also welcomed, we accept cash, cat food, litter, toys, cat trees...pretty much anything that would make a kitty happy!  Doesn't that just make your heart purr??

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