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Where are you located?
We are located at:
 740 S W Green Oaks Blvd
Suite #200
Arlington Texas 76017 
South West corner of Matlock and Green Oaks Blvd 
Indopak shopping center

What are your hours?

Do I have to make a reservation?

Reservations  are not required, but groups of 6 or more are encouraged to make one because many times we are at hourly capacity, especially on the weekends. Walk-ins are accepted only when space is available.  We have a 20 person maximum per hour. If you know when you want to come visit, book it to ensure you get in.

Do you take in, re-home or rescue cats?

No. Unfortunately, we get multiple requests daily to take in cats. We are not a cat rescue. If you have found a stray cat or kitten please reach out to a local rescue organization through  Please do everything you can to keep your life commitment to a cat that you adopted. 

Can I bring my cat (or a cat I found) to the cat cafe?

NOOOOO!!!! Please do not bring cats to the cafe! We will have plenty of kitties to entertain you, but unfortunately we cannot allow cats to be brought into the cafe.  It's not because we don't love ALL kitties; we just have very strict rules and guidelines to follow regarding vetting and socialization of our cats. 

What cats are available for adoption?
​Do you have kittens available for adoption?

Kittens get adopted very quickly from the rescues and the shelters, so we try to adopt kitties 6 months or older because they have a lower chance to find their furever home.  

What are the age requirements to visit?  

The current minimum age requirement is 14 and younger must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Ages 3 and under enter the kitty lounge for free. 

How much does it cost to visit? 

Our rates are $15 per person plus tax. Every purchase you make directly supports the care of our furry friends.

This helps with rent, utilities, payroll, and cover all of the expenses to care for the cats in our care. Your cover charge is the primary source of income that allows us to provide this service to the community. 

What measures have you put in place for COVID-19?

We limit groups to 20 people in the cat lounge.

We already have very stringent cleaning and disinfecting practices in place because we have animals onsite.  We wipe down all hard surfaces and toys throughout the day with a disinfectant. 

I'm running late for my appointment.  Can you still get me in?

​​Yes, but if you reserved a spot an hour before we close your time ends at closing. Traffic is very busy in our location.  You should plan to arrive 10 minutes prior to your session.

I missed my appointment.  Can I have a refund or reschedule my visit?

Unfortunately, no.  We held your spot for you, which means other customers were unable to attend during that time.  We require an 8 hour notice to refund or reschedule an appointment.

What is the adoption process/fee?

If you fall in love with a kitty, please notify a member of our staff. 

Adoption fees are $100 plus tax. The cats are fully vetted, meaning they are up to date on vaccinations and spay/neuter.  The process can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days depending on your circumstances.  

When is the best time to visit?

Weekends are busiest, so you will likely have more people in your session than you would on a weekday. More people means less individual interaction with the cats. Please note we cannot control when cats sleep or hide.

How can I volunteer to help?

Volunteers must be at least 16 years of age.


​Can I book a party at the catfe?



Do I have to sign a waiver?

Yes, we required a waiver prior to entering the kitty lounge.  The waiver is basically an "Enter at Your Own Risk/ Hold Harmless" agreement that outlines the risks of hanging out with cats. 

​Are there risks of being scratched or bitten by a cat?  

Unfortunately, yes.  Cats are animals with claws and teeth and can sometimes be unpredictable even in the best of circumstances.  We will make every effort to select cats that are social and happy to be around people. However, we cannot 100% eliminate your risk. You must agree to enter at your own risk and are required to sign a waiver before entering the kitty lounge.

We appreciate  your support!

​If you have a question that wasn't answered, please email us: Http://

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