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Murder Mystery Night 2.jpg

  Back by popular demand!!! Night 2 

  Save your spot MEOW!!!

This event is for those folks that love cult classics, and musicals!

Here is a little tid bit for those who are antic-ipating the event!

A local theater group is putting on a production of Little Shop of Horrors. The entire cast travels out to a country estate to shoot publicity photos, but a sudden rainstorm forces them to take shelter in the manor house. Inside, they are shocked to find a huge raucous party of odd characters going on, led by the twin scientists Curry and Cox N. Furter.
They are even more shocked when their director/photographer, Rogaire Corperson, who has been poking into corners to take intrusive pictures, is found dead at the bottom of the elevator shaft.
Who pushed her in? Was it a cast member who hated her direction? A partygoer who resented her nosy camera? Or was it—YOU?

Will you be Ruff Riff, Columbian, or Nezzin Tight? The pick will be yours, if you arrive early enough to grab the character! Definitely a reason to arrive early to the party!

In between acts you can hang out with our sweet, adoptable kitties!! 

What a fun way to spend your evening!!


This event is is for 18 years and older!

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