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Volunteer Application

Volunteers play a very important role at The Cozy Catfe. We currently have a need for several kitty loving people to help out in our kitty lounge. Please read over the duties below and fill out the form if you would like to join our team. We require our volunteers to be able to help out consistently 1-2 times a week... We hope to turn some of our dependable, dedicated volunteers into employees in the future!!

Sanitize-there is so much to keep clean to ensure our guests and the kitties are comfortable and having  a good time.

Scoop- its not the most glamorous part of volunteering, however its a MUST. We need volunteers to scoop the litterboxes at the beginning and the end of each shift.

Socialize- THE BEST part of course is being able to socialize and work with the kitties. YOU will be a very essential part of helping the kitty build confidence and trust in humans!

Feed-The kitties must be fed, so no better person to do it than YOU! You will quickly become their favorite human! Who doesnt want
kitty love!

*** In return for your loyalty and commitment to The Cozy Catfe, we offer you a Cozy Catfe Tshirt after your 3rd time helping out, AND the opportunity to bring a friend with you 1 time a month to enjoy a visit on the house. 

There  will be a chance for you to become an employee, if that is something you would like to do in the future. Our Success starts with you! And the Kitties of coursel!

If you would like to volunteer with The Cozy Catfe, please fill out the application below.

Why would you like to be considered to be a volunteer for The Cozy Catfe?

Do you have a cat in your home now? If not when was the last time you adopted a kitty?

How long do you plan to volunteer at The Cozy Catfe? Ex. Weeks, Days Months, Years.

Do you have any allergies to animals?

Select an option

Our Volunteers help out in 3 hour shifts.
Please let us know what days and hours you are available to help out.

Choose your days/times

Thank you so much for your interest! We will reach out to you as soon as we have reviewed your application to schedule your interview.

Thanks for submitting!

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