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Music Bingo with kitties is a FUN, Family event!!

There will be 4 different themes, Disney, Songs with Destinations in the title, songs with female names in title, and Pop Hits 2000-2023.

It will be a night of prizes, each winner after each game will get to pick out a prize out of our prize bag...the prizes will range from $1-$25.00.

For ONLY  $15 per person you get to visit the kitties and have fun playing Bingo!

It will be helpful for you to know the songs in the categories, if not its ok to ask for help!!

2 full hours of fun and fur!!!

We will have snacks and drinks available for purchase!!


Did we mention you can hang out with the kitties in between the rounds?

Each game will have a winner and they will select thier prize out of our goodie bag!

Sign up ASAP to reserve your spot, limited spots available!!!

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